Top Podcasts for Startups – From Chiclet Shareflow

14 Nov Top Podcasts for Startups – From Chiclet Shareflow


I’m a bit of a podcast addict – in fact I recently cleared out all the music on my iPhone to make way for more! (I use Spotify anyway – why buy when you can rent?)

Podcasts are a fantastic – and free – resource for learning about startup business strategy, marketing tactics, or simply to get inspired by entrepreneurial stories.

If you’re running a startup, and you’re not yet listening to the likes of Andrew Warner, Rob Walling or Seth Godin, let me suggest a few places to start!

Here are three of my favourite podcasts for startups, including recommended first episodes to get you started. All of the podcasts can be found by name in iTunes or your favourite podcast software, or by visiting their website (links below).



Mixergy is an almost-daily interview show in which Andrew Warner talks to successful entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses.

Andrew does a lot of research on his interviewees and he has a great style which enables him to dig deep for some amazing insights and valuable, actionable tactics you can use yourself.

Andrew is also a successful entrepreneur in his own right, having built and sold his own internet company, so he really knows what he’s talking about.

Recommended episode:
“GWRI: Turning $820 Into A $450M Company In Eight Years – with Dan Pena”

Startups For the Rest of Us

Startups for the Rest of Us

Solo founders Rob Walling and Mike Taber get together weekly to discuss their own software businesses and offer tried and tested tactics on everything a ‘micropreneur’ needs to bootstrap their technology startup.

I love this podcast because it’s basically two guys bootstrapping their companies and talking about it, so you get real insight into not just business and marketing, but also the personal challenges that solo entrepreneurs face and how they overcome them.

Helpfully, Rob and Mike just put out an episode in which they discuss their top 40+ podcasts for startups, which is where I recommend you get started.

Rob Walling also runs a blog at, and has a great book called ‘Start Small, Stay Small’ which I highly recommend for anyone who is bootstrapping their own web-based software business.

Recommended episode:
“Episode 104: Podcasts for Startup Founders”

Seth Godin’s Startup School

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a well known entrepreneur and author of many books about modern marketing, particularly for tech companies, so he probably needs no introduction here.

I found out about this podcast via Startups For the Rest of Us, and the first one of their recommended podcasts that I tried just because I’m a big fan of Seth’s books and blog.

Each episode is an edited together from a series of seminars he ran in 2012 for startup founders, with titles like ‘Freelancer or Entrepreneur?’, ‘Creating Scarcity’ and ‘Raising Money’.

Seth has an easy style and seems to come up with a genius insight practically every time he opens mouth. So far I’ve listened to the first three episodes (there are just 7 so far) and there is so much great information here I know I’m going to be replaying them over and over again just to let it all sink in.

Recommended episode (start at the beginning!)
“Freelancer or Entrepreneur?”

Let’s hear your suggestions!

So, that about wraps up my current favourite startup podcasts – if other ESpark Chiclets have a top show you’d like to plug, please add it in the comments. Happy listening!

David Kelly is founder of Shareflow.
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