How to get things done – whilst keeping that work life balance as you start the New Year

08 Jan How to get things done – whilst keeping that work life balance as you start the New Year

Work and Life Balance

If you are anything like me then there are not enough hours in the day to get things done.  This results in things you think you should be doing slipping and you feeling guilty for not spending enough time with the family as you try and catchup.  Below I talk about 3 things I do to keep that balance.

3 tips to getting things done and maintaining a work life balance

  1. Wake up early. Start your day at 6am (or earlier) and by the time the rest of the world wake up you’ll be well on with your day.  I use an alarm clock app for my iPhone called sleep cycle, which claims to find the perfect time in your sleep cycle to wake you – to be honest I think it works well.  Check it out here.
  2. Use a calendar. A pretty basic one but an important one. It’s important to be consistent when checking, entering and reviewing events in your calendar, if it’s not bang up-to-date then you’ll loose faith in it and ultimately stop using it.  If you can get a calendar that syncs to and from your phone then that’s ideal, I recommend Google calendar.
  3. Write lists.  Have a system to organise the things that need done however don’t use traditional todo lists because they lack focus instead use context lists which are far more effective (see why).  I recommended reading and using the GTD system  by David Allen.  If you have some time watch the video of David Allen when Google invited him to present at their head office.
    Dave Allen video
    I highly recommend a tool called Wunderlist for keeping lists, it’s beautifully simple and available on all platforms. See some more reasons here and download the software here (it’s free – go on!!)

I’d be interested to know your strategies for getting things done in the comments.

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