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Our mission is to encourage Entrepreneuring® through the development of entrepreneurial mindset and behaviours.

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Gordon Merylees

The last year has been a momentous one for Scotland. It was similarly momentous for Entrepreneurial Spark.

After two years of RBS working successfully together in Scotland, we agreed in September that we would roll-out the accelerator programme across the whole of the UK. Our new partnership will recreate Entrepreneurial Spark hubs in major cities across the country from Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester to Cardiff and Belfast. Work is now underway in earnest to get them ready for launch. This marks a step-change in the way RBS/NatWest support entrepreneurs and is a huge investment for us. When we see what impact Entrepreneurial Spark has had on young Scottish businesses, including impressive survival rates, we know it will be worth it.

Gordon Merrylees Head of Entrepreneurship, Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest

Entrepreneurial Spark - Powered by NatWest
iain moffat_burned

““As part of our dedicated commitment to supporting small and medium-sized businesses across the UK, we at KPMG Enterprise are thrilled to be part of this exciting initiative with Entrepreneurial Spark and RBS/NatWest.

We have a deep-rooted commitment to providing coaching, support and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, so we’re delighted to be working together with Entrepreneurial Spark to provide that extra helping hand and vital sounding board to early stage and growing ventures up and down the country. There’s no doubt that Entrepreneurial Spark is working with some of the big businesses of tomorrow. The more we can do to help entrepreneurs and innovators understand and get to grips with not only their numbers but the eco-system they’re trying to crack, the better. We are dedicating two KPMG Enterprise ‘Eagles’ to each Hatchery to be there on a fortnightly basis to answer any questions and help aspiring entrepreneurs to navigate financial and commercial challenges. KPMG Enterprise will stand shoulder to shoulder with the entrepreneurs every step of the way through the entrepreneurial rollercoaster and will support them to access the tools they need to grow to become the high profile business leaders of tomorrow. We look forward to working with the Chiclets and watching as their businesses flourish.”

Iain Moffat Head of Enterprise, KPMG Enterprise in the UK.


“Today digital technology is at the heart of business growth and has become the catalyst of success for many of the country’s entrepreneurs.

How data is captured, evaluated, shared and communicated has, and continues, to create innumerable opportunities. DELL Technologies is proud to be the technology partner for Entrepreneurial Spark and working with RBS, have the chance to share our expertise in helping businesses harness the digital opportunity.”

Dayne Turbitt Vice President, Dell EMC


Entrepreneurial Spark Accelerator

Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free people accelerator.  We have developed a proprietary ‘entrepreneurial enablement’ approach that takes entrepreneurs through a cognitive and action centred development process.  Evolved as we work with more and more entrepreneurs across the UK, we’ve four bespoke programmes crafted around meeting an entrepreneurial leaders needs, whatever stage of development their business is at – from idea, to start-up to pre-scale.

The focus of the Entrepreneurial Spark enablement is on the individual, developing entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours to create acceleration and growth. When applying, we’ll assess how we can best enable you and provide you a programme best suited to do that. As an overview, these are:


Who? Those with an idea, or in the early stages of starting up What? A three month sprint focussed on a specific outcome Result: The leader has validated assumptions and is on course to develop further. Alternatively, the idea hasn’t worked out and they’ve failed cheaply and failed fast.


Who? For those entrepreneurs who have recently started or are ready to start tradingWhat? A further six months with enablement to continue acceleration Result: Validation of the business model and development of the mindset of the entrepreneurial leader.


Who? Those already generating revenue with a turnover of £100,000+ per year or having secured £25,000+ in investment or funding with potential for high growth What? Enablement and support designed to lay foundations to allow growth Result: Scoping out and putting in place all the requirements to allow for the business to really accelerate and grow.


Who? Businesses on a scale trajectory with annual turnover of £200,000+ or investment/funding of £150,000+ and on the hunt for investment. What? A programme that covers off all the usual painpoints and challenges that businesses seeking scale encounter. Result: Fully equipped and enabled to scale the business

Where and When


We’ve hubs across all four nations of the United Kingdom and, working with entrepreneurs across all stages of development, we seek to champion the UK’s entrepreneurs at every opportunity. We’ve 12 hubs, with a 13th opening up in August 2017 when we come to London, meaning most of the UK’s #GoDo population is around an hour’s travel from Entrepreneurial Spark:

Positively Disruptive Support

Entrepreneurial Spark works in collaboration with very special mentors, entrepreneurs and professional services businesses. From lawyers to accountants, from manufacturers to investors, they all add great real-time, real-life value to our entrepreneurs. This helps them break down barriers quicker, while joining up the dots in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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